Reader Review

I am enthralled by Kathryn Jordan's new novel, IN THE TIME OF APRICOTS, the richness of the scenes, the way the author switches effortlessly from past to present, the narrator's voice and authority. The window into the culture and language of Egypt is so compelling. The characters are well-drawn, and I care what happens to Caroline. The image of her crumpling outside the door of her son's room, and her mother also, actually brought tears to my eyes thinking about it later that night.

I loved the part about getting a good mare, then galloping across the plateau beyond the pyramids. Very visual. And the scene where she comes home from Athens and sees the Christmas tree with balloons and a note from Hassan. Kathryn Jordan really knows how to draw out dramatic tension, conjure bad guys and good guys, and the sexual tension - WOW. I loved when the maid,Tatta, does the Brazilian on Caroline, risqué and funny. This is a fresh, fresh story.

I can't get Caroline out of my head, a great protagonist. She's strong and resourceful and pretty fearless. Actually, I can't get a lot of this book out of my head - Mohamed sitting in the dirt with her when she is overcome with grief for her son. I loved Mohamed and his family. So many great scenes: Caroline and Hassan sitting by the Nile reading books in Arabic and English to learn each other's language, the amoeba-induced collapse in the hell-hole of a train bathroom, the painful but necessary California segment, painting both Egypt and the U.S. as a mix of wonderful and horrible. I loved the ending, even though it was sad - very poignant, but realistic and thus beautiful. No deus ex machina for this author.

This book kicks butt! Women everywhere will identify with IN THE TIME OF APRICOTS. I can't wait for the movie.

Lynne Spreen
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